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3 years ago

ATO payg summaries not showing

Hi, I'm having the same issues that others are having. None of the payg summaries are showing on ATO portal. They were showing prior to when I decided to go to STP Phase 2, although one of the employ...
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    2 years ago

    Hi Jayvee 


    For the terminated employees, if you have removed their terminations in the Payroll reporting centre>>Employee terminations tab then entered the termination reason and notified the ATO, process a $0 pay with payment date as 30 June to update STP.


    For the employee that was incorrect on Phase 1, try processing a $0 pay with payment date as 30 June. You mentioned that a LSL pay had been deleted, for this to be updated in STP a report needs to be sent so a $0 pay may push that update through. Also check the Summary of payments report, does this include the LSL payment? This report is sent to the ATO when you finalise so you need to make sure it shows the correct amounts.


    If your terminated employees had ETP payments this post, ETP finalistions, has detailed information on a known issue that may affect you.


    Let me know how you go.