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2 years ago

Different reply-to email addresses for sales, payslips and purchases (AccountRight)

1. When I sent emails from myob using the myob function, it takes the stored email on the business profile as the reply-to email.
a. I would like to use a different reply-to email for payslips then for sales email, as I don't want staff to reply to the sales email I provide. How can I do this?
a. Also, as we are working from different stores with different trading names, I would like to have a choice which reply-to EMail and email header to take. Can I do this?

2. As an alternative, I have tried using email sending by outlook. Problem here, outlook send the email immediately and unfortuantely takes my microsoft email as sender and not the email profile of my choice (I have 4 email accounts on my Outlook 365). Advice?

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    Hi Chris_Huber 


    Thank you for your post. There can only be one default email used. These email settings apply to all emails sent on your behalf from MYOB. This includes invoices, quotes, and pay slips (payroll). What you can do is to customise your messages for Sales, Purchases, and Pay Slips. Go to Set Up >> Preferences >> Emailing >> Email Defaults. This Help Article, Set up your default email messages, has more information that you can use as a guide as well.



    Please feel free to post again. I'm happy to assist further.


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