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3 years ago

emailing payslip

Hi Team   I have recently changed my email address to a generic payroll email, I have changed the email in "Users" to reflect that email, the payslips are still being sent from my personal email ad...
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    3 years ago

    Hi SGall 


    As well as Lisa's suggestion, you would also need to update it in the emailing preferences or outlook depending on the set up.


    If you're emailing through Outlook:

    • If you're emailing via Microsoft Outlook, emails from AccountRight will be sent from the default email address selected in Outlook.
    • To change this email address, see Sending emails using Microsoft Outlook.


    If you're emailing directly from AccountRight:

    • Emails are delivered on your behalf using MYOB’s email server so will appear from *
    • You can change the reply-to email address in the email preferences (Setup menu > Preferences > Emailing tab > Reply-to Email Address).


    Hope that helps and if you have any further questions please let me know.



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