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2 years ago

EOFY Finalisation

Hi,   On the EOFY finalisation page, one employee's Gross YTD doesn't match my MYOB Report. The PAYG witholding amount is correct, Super guarantee is correct. This gross YTD $ is missing overtime, ...
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    2 years ago

    Hi yoshu 


    If the figures under EOFY Finalisation tab for Gross YTD amount doesn't match your report is because all the wages that are reported as Gross Payments only will show in Gross YTD amount. Under EOFY Finalisation tab, against the employee name there is three dots there that will show the Individual Summary Payments as the breakdown of other pay items that is not reported as Gross Payments. If you add these Gross YTD to the Verification Report, everything should match. We also recommend checking the ATO Reporting Category for every pay item you used to make sure they were assigned correctly.


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