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17 days ago

EOFY Payroll finalisation

I have the situation where MYOB Payroll activity Summary wages/tax figures agree with MYOB Payroll register reports. However, these totals do not agree with the EOFY Finalisation totals. 


The difference is for 2 employees only who are both short recorded in the EOFY totals. The last submitted YTD Payroll reports for each employee is correct!


Suggestions to fix please.

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    Hi Garth47,


    Thank you for the post. It sounds like the issue might be related to how wages are reported as gross payments versus other pay items. Note that the YTD Verification Report shows all wages reported as gross payments. Under the EOFY finalisation tab, click the three dots next to the employee's name to view the individual summary payments. This will provide a breakdown of other pay items not reported as gross payments. Add the Gross YTD figures from the individual summary payments to the YTD Verification Report. This should reconcile and ensure everything matches the Payroll Activity Summary and Payroll Register reports.




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      For each of my 2 unreconciled employees the employees I have at these 2 issues


      Firstly, at least 1 pay run not included in the EOFY Finalisation figures for both employees, In these cases the MYOB employee ytd figures are correct from the uploaded payroll run info but don't agree with the end of year finalisation figures for both employees, and


      Secondly for 1 employee I have a payroll item not reported to the ATO when the regular pay run was finalised. Not sure how this happened and was not "rejected"


      Your advice as to how to correct these 2 issues please. 

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        MYOB Moderator

        Hi there Garth47


        Regarding your first query wherein one pay run was not included in the EOFY Finalisation figures, please check the payroll reports such as Payroll Register, Payroll Activity, and YTD verification report. If the figures agrees to each other, you're good to go. If not, make sure to check each payroll categories used assigned to the correct ATO reporting category. If changes have been made, send an update event and then check the figures in the EOFY Finalisation tab again.


        With your second concern, if there is one pay item that was not reported to the ATO, you can check the pay item again and make sure that it's assigned now to an ATO reporting category and then send an update event. Feel free to post again if you have questions.


        Best regards,