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2 years ago

Import timesheet payroll

At the moment I am processing individual payrolls in MYOB. I take the information from another job software program (I cannot change this) and then manually process payroll one employee at a time.  It is very time consuming particular because there are lots of varying payroll categories like RDO/ Km allowance/ overtime etc


My question is there a MYOB approved excel template I can use to populate employees hours and then upload to MYOB Payroll? 

Or is there an app that I can use to record employee hours that  integrates with MYOB Payroll? 

Thank you. 


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    Hi lucy_b 


    Thank you for your post. You can import timesheets using AccountRight. What you can do to get an exact template of it is to export timesheets from your AccountRight (it would be in .txt) and then open it by importing that .txt file in Excel. You would need to manually enter payroll categories since we don't have an import option for it.  

    We also have MYOB Team which is an app for managing teams, rosters, multiple locations, and timesheets. Employees can also have the option to submit their timesheets or clock in and out depending on how you want it to be set up. This Help Article, Getting Started with MYOB Team, has detailed steps you can use as a guide for setting it up.



    Please feel free to post again. I'm happy to assist further.


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