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5 years ago

Pay Slip information different to software


We've just processessed this fortnight's payroll and a couple of our employees entitlements are showing different figures to what is showing up on their card files.


For Example: one employee's YTD Annual Leave Entitlement is showing 219.76 on their payslip but on the card file under entitlements it shows 208.22 hrs (this figure is correct). According to their payslip they've accrued 11.54 hrs from the previous fortnight when they should have only accrued 5.77hrs.

Can anyone explain what might be going here? 



  • Hi LouD


    Thank you for the screenshots, I have sent you a private message with additional information I require. 

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  • Hi LouD


    Thank you for your post, I hope your finding helpful information on the Community Forum. 


    Can you please run the Entitlement Balance summary report, does this report match the employees card file ? To access this report please go to Reports > Index to Reports > Payroll > Entitlements.


    Please let us know, we are more than happy to assist. 

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      Hi Melissa,

      Thanks for your response. 

      I ran the Entitlement Balance and yes, the balances on the report match the balances on the card files. It's just not aligning with what's on the emailed payslip.







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        Hi LouD


        Thank you for the update on that. 


        Can I clarify if this is happening to one employee or all employees ?


        For troubleshooting purposes, can you clear your AccountRight Cache, this can clear out any odd behaviours that  may be happening within the software. 


        Please let me know how you go.