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3 months ago

PAYG tax tables



I have a working holiday maker that I have set up with Income Type of " Working Holiday Maker", Country of origin "Ireland".


I didn't realise until today that I needed to go in to the PAYG Withholding category on the page to select "Working Holiday Maker - Registered". For some reason MYOB had defaulted to " Foreign resident". I cannot seem to change the tax table to the correct one now and of course, the tax deducted from our employee is incorrect.


How do I update the tax table information so the correct one is selected going forward?

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    To update the tax table information via the PAYG withholding payroll category, you can navigate to Payroll >> Payroll categories >> Taxes >> PAYG withholding category. You should see the option for "Foreign Resident." Click on the drop-down to select the correct tax table.


    This Help article, PAYG tax tables, has detailed information to assist with this.


    Should you require additional assistance, don't hesitate to respond. We also encourage you to connect with our online help center, MOCA, through this link:, for prompt support.


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