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5 months ago

paying a SMSF directly through accountright.

I have added 3 x SMSF to be paid directly through accountright. I have been paying all other employees this way for some time (direct to their relevant funds). For some reason the 3 new SMSF wont go ...
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    4 months ago

    Hi Regplum,


    Thank you for your post and your patience in waiting for a response.


    Kindly hover your mouse over the red crosses, as they typically indicate an error message or highlight incorrect information that needs attention. For further assistance, please refer to the Help article: Troubleshooting Super Payments.


    If all the details are correct, there is a possibility that the SMSF created in the company file is corrupted. To address this, please create a new SMSF with the correct details, add "new" at the end of the superfund name, link the employee to this newly created SMSF, and attempt to record the super payments.


    Please feel free to create a new post again if you need help.


    If my response has answered your inquiry, please click "Accept as Solution" to help other users find this information.