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2 years ago

Payroll Error Message - Validating payroll information for STP failed

We have set up a new entity with this being the first payroll to be processed.


Before starting the payroll we had STP set up with the ATO and the message at the start had Payroll Reporting Ready to go. But at finalising the payrun we have had the following error come up and I can't find anything on why this would be.

Validating payroll information for Single Touch Payroll failed

We couldn't chedk your payroll information for Single Touch payroll Reporting

Option to try again (does nothing), Record or Cancel

Has anyone had experience with this?


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  • I've just encountered the exact same problem.  How did you get around it?

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      After hours on hold to MYOB it was a simple issue.


      Have you called the ATO and reported/ registered the software provider?

      If you have we discovered that each user needs to go through the reporting STP to the ATO step


      Go to

      sign in as your user/ name

      Go to Payroll on the top tabs

      Select Single Touch Payroll at the bottom of the list

      Click Get Started and follow the prompts

      Yes that we have notificed the ATO, no to other software in year

      Click through to the end and then ok


      It worked straight away and we have had no further problems


      Hope this helps