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3 years ago

Payroll information not showing in YTD verification report

Hi    I have been on the phone waiting for about 3 hours so decided to post here.     I am busy doing the year end finalisation for payroll.  My records in MYOB Accountright are all good.  I have...
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    3 years ago

    Hi rosalie1 


    If you've moved to STP Phase 2 the new ATO reporting categories, like Overtime, Bonuses, Paid leave, are reported separately not included in gross payments. So that's one thing to check when reconciling your payroll reports.


    Make sure the Payroll activity report and Payroll register report match. 


    Processing a $0 pay with payment date as 30 June can refresh the YTD verification report, but wait until that $0 pay is accepted by the ATO before rechecking the YTD verification report.


    Terminated employees will need their termination date removed and card made active before processing that $0 pay. Once their Summary of payments report is correct you can re-enter the termination date and make the card inactive. 


    Please let me know how you go.