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15 days ago

Re-employing an employee

On 28th June 2024 one of our full time employees was terminated, he was paid out all of his entitlements.  On 9th July 2024 he was re-employed on a casual basis.  In his card file, I put in the new start day of 9th July and deleted the termination date.  I went into our entitlements and his old entitlements have returned, even though these were paid out.  Maybe this is because I took the termination date off.  Moving forward, does anyone know what I should do here.  Thank you.

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    Hi GardenStateRemo,


    I get how crucial it is to have all your entitlements accurate. From what you've described, it sounds like your file might need the repair team to sort out the entitlement balances.


    You can contact our virtual assistant, MOCA, on our website, or request support through my account at If MOCA can't assist, you'll be connected to our live chat team to get this resolved.


    If there's anything else you need help with, just drop a new thread.



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      Thanks Genreve, yes this sounds like a problem I need someone to look at.

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        Hi GardenStateRemo 


        You could re-link the entitlements then process a $0 paid with negative amts to clear the entitlement balances.




  • Hi GardenStateRemo - thanks for your question.


    I think the issue might be the leave entitlements are still assigned to the employee in their employee card. To check this, open the employee's card (Card File command centre > Cards List > Employee tab > click to open the employee's card), then click the Payroll Details tab. Now click the Entitlements tab and make sure all entitlements are unticked. Then click OK to save your changes.


    You can also check what will be included in an employee's regular pay by clicking the Standard Pay tab (shown down the left-hand side in the above pic). Here's a help topic that talks more about reviewing an employee's standard pay.


    I hope this helps!




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      Hi Adrian, I went into his card file, when you go into entitlements, his entitlements are all unticked.  But you can still see the hours he had, before he was paid out.