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8 months ago


Since September I've not been able to pay to SMFS   It says ABN isn't Valid for SMSF and to contact the ATO. The ABN is correct.   Any advice on how to get this paid?
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    8 months ago



    Thank you for your post and welcome to the Community Forum. 


    To address your concern, If it shows that ABN is invalid for SMSF, it indicates that the card file is corrupted, and the payment to this employee cannot be made. To fix this, please have the employee confirm the ABN and deselect this payment. As SMSF funds cannot be edited, you will need to do the following before you can make payments. 


    • Create a new SMSF that has the correct ABN. 
    • Link the new SMSF fund to the employee
    • Delete the old SMSF fund from the Superannuation Funds list. 

    You can check out this Help Article: Troubleshooting Pay Super Payments, for more information.


    If you still need assistance or if you have questions or concern, please feel free to post again. We are happy to help. 


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