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5 months ago

Staff member entered twice

We have a team member who was made inactive as she was not currently working. My accounts officer did not realise this and has entered her again. So when we look at the entitlements summary, she is o...
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    5 months ago

    Hi Claudia_G


    Welcome to the Community Forum. I apologize for the delayed response.


    Regrettably, there are no simple options to merge the data for these employee cards. You will need to transfer everything manually. For the accrued leave, you can do this by creating a void pay run that contains only leave entitlements (if you need to remove hours, you can input a negative value in the accrual and do the reverse for the opposite). As for the pay runs that have already been recorded, you will need to manually transfer them by creating new pay runs and reversals. 


    I understand this is not ideal, however, this is the only option available in the application. 


    Let us know if you require any further help.


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