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Good afternoon,


I have upgraded to the latest version of accountright plus today.  One of the new features is staff onboarding which is going to cut down on alot of paperwork.  My only question with it is, I would normaly send a copy of the Employee's Tax declaration form to the ATO but will no longer have a copy of this as all information the employee fills out through Flare is automatically put into the MYOB file.  Does MYOB send the tax declaration as part of the weekly payrun through STP?  Is there a way copies can be emailed from what the employee has entered so we can look back on what the employee has filled out should we need to?




  • Hi RoseyK 


    Single Touch Payroll version 2, available in March, is designed to streamline employer interactions. One of the major benefits will be you'll no longer have to send the ATO your employees' TFN declarations and paper records will be no longer required.


    That said, at this stage, only employees can see the onboarding information while submitting the online form and if you have concerns about the data accuracy, getting the employees to take a screenshot of the form before submitting and sending it through to you would be the recommended option. 

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    Hi RoseyK 


    The tax declaration information for the employees will be sent to the ATO when their first payrun is reported using STP. We cannot email the copies to you, however, for your record-keeping purposes, we recommend getting the tax forms from the employees directly. 

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      Thankyou for your quick response.  It kind of defeats the purpose of having everything electronically completed to still have to request the employee  to fill out a tax declaration form after they have completed all the online forms already.  We also then don't have copies of anything they have filled out, personal details, bank details, super details etc,  should we need to look back and cross check any of the information that has been directly imported to MYOB. How would we check anything if we have employees questioning details?  Are the employees able to print or go back and check what they have entered via the onboarding process to be then able to give the employer a copy if we are not able to access copies electronically?
      Thanks, Rose
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        Our business has to agree, that not having a confirmation of what's submitted is too problematic to ignore.  For us, with that, and a couple of mandatory fields that breach our Privacy policy, we've elected not to use Onboarding just yet.  We'll see how/if it changes over time.  Great concept, and I expect it's suitable for the vast majority of businesses, just not for us in its current form.