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4 years ago

Tax Free Threshold + STSL

Hi there, I have just noticed that I no longer have the option to choose Tax Free Threshold + HELP and only have the option of Tax Free Threshold +STSL when setting up a new employee.  Is this now re...
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    4 years ago



    It does look like these have now been combined into one tax table. Help/VSL/SSL have indeed been the same tax table for a while (2019?).


    From the MYOB release notes:

    ARL - STSL Tax tables: For employers who have employees undertaking higher education and training programs we previously had separate tax scales for FS / HELP / FS + HELP, these have now been combined into one table called STSL.


    The TFN declaration has also had only the one selection for HELP/VSL/FS/SSL/TSL for some time now, so it makes sense to only offer the one option within MYOB as well.