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4 years ago

Unused Annual Leave

Hi   I have an unused annual leave account for the final termination payment of an employee. Even though her annual leave entitlement say 147.94 when i enter this amount in the payroll for unused l...
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    4 years ago

    Hi AmandaVMA 


    AccountRight is intended to generate a warning when a linked wage category for an entitlement is used that will drop the current balance under 0. hours when recording a pay. 


    In this employee's case, I would assume that you have linked the Unused Holiday Pay category to the employee and linked it to an entitlement as the linked wage category. But, as you don't have that blue arrow (like you have for holiday pay), it's not the entitlement category linked to the employee. For example, you have linked the Unused Holiday Pay category as the linked wage category to Annual Leave Accrual - Part-time rather than Annual Leave Accrual - FT.  As the employee doesn't have any hours against that linked entitlement you have that warning appearing.


    I would recommend going to Payroll>>Payroll Categories>>Entitlements>>Choosing the Annual Leave Accrual - FT category and ensure that you have  Unused Holiday Pay ticked as a Linked Wage Category. Once that has been added, re-generate the pay, you should have that blue arrow and no warning message when processing that final pay.