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2 years ago

Wages paid in advance

Good Morning,   In September, I paid an employee Annual Leave and Leave Loading in advance trying to assist during some difficult personal times for him as he has used all his quota of personal/ann...
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    2 years ago

    Hi Bantubbs 


    What I would do is a dummy pay for the hours he was entitled to. So if you hadn't paid the advance this would have been his pay for that period. I'd use the Microsoft snipping tool to create a screenshot of that dummy pay. Don't record the pay, just enter the hours in Process payroll, get the screenshot then cancel the payrun.


    You can then open the recorded pay transaction and deduct what he should have been paid from what he was paid, which will give you the amount to recoup. You can do a dummy pay for the advanced hours to check your amounts. 


    If you did a dummy pay for the advanced hours it would look something like this:



    If he repays the amount you would enter the negative pay as the exact opposite of the dummy pay like this:



    He would repay the net amount as that was the amount actually paid to him. But the negative pay reduces his gross pay which will update STP and the gross wages amount reported on the BAS. As you're entering the PAYG Withholding figure as a positive, the PAYG liability amount owing will be reduced for the current period's BAS. 


    Let me know how you go.


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