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3 months ago

Chart of Account sub-totals incorrect

Using AccountRight Plus AU 2024.2.0 Build 2024.2.1.3 and the chart of accounts is showing incorrect sub-total amounts in the header accounts.   I've tried moving the detail accounts Up/Down but thi...
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    3 months ago

    Hi Sherre


    Thanks for posting here in the forum. 


    I appreciate you for troubleshooting beforehand. In my understanding, you followed the steps outlined in this other thread. I tried a couple fixes in my end that can hopefully fix your issue. If it persists after checking this time, you can try the fix shown in the other thread again or update the value from the header itself. 


    Here are the steps for the latter.

    1. Make a backup of your file. 
    2. Click the arrow next to the header account.
    3. Change the Header account to a Detail account.
    4. Under the Details tab change the Tax Code to N-T.
    5. Click OK.
    6. Click the arrow next to the header account.
    7. Change the Detail Account to a Header account.
    8. Select the first account that should be under the header account and click Down.
    9. Using the Down button move all other accounts that should be under the header account.

    If you require any further assistance, let us know. 


    Otherwise, If my response has answered your inquiry, please click "Accept as Solution" to assist other users find this information.