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3 months ago

Customer aged payables report

Hello Everyone,   Hope you're having a good week!  I am having a bad brain-fog moment, could someone please kindly remind me how I get a report of a specific Customer's aged payables, please?   T...
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    3 months ago

    Hi JustMichaela,


    We appreciate you reaching out about the customer's aged payables report. No sweat, I've got you covered.


    To pull up a specific customer's aged receivables, you just need to head over to 'Reports' and check out the 'Sales' section. For the aged payables report, you'll find this under the 'Purchases' section. If you need more details, you can check out this Help article:  Account Reports.


    We all have those brain fog moments, don't we? Hope your week picks up soon. And remember, if you need more help, feel free to respond to this post. I'm here for you!


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