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2 months ago


Your reply has done nothing to allay our concerns about your price increases and appalling customer services.  When businesses are suffering in this economic downturn, MYOB should not be increasing their subscription fees and should think about providing some service for the fees already charged.  We pay and were forced into a Cloud based subscription charge on the basis of getting support and service, especially when software bugs appear in the software package.


The problem I have encountered are two bogus debtors that appear on my customer list for statements with bogus amounts.  Now I have a bogus creditor on my creditor list that shouldn’t exist.  Our accountant has tried to correct these entries but there is no way of correcting the issue.  Perhaps this is why MYOB could offer no help when I phoned and emailed them.


At this stage, we would definitely be considering changing accounting packages to one that valued their customers.  Seems to me that MYOB make it as difficult as possible to place feed back or to get help for any issue that is not run of the mill.


Even responding to the email from "Princess", after my first post, is proving difficult as you cannot respond directly to Princess's email!



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  • Hi KatharineH,


    I understand the frustration you're experiencing, and I extend our sincere apologies for any inconvenience stemming from the challenges you've encountered with our service. Please be assured that we prioritize matters like yours, and I've promptly escalated your concerns to the relevant team. They will conduct a thorough investigation and contact you within the next two business days to help and address your concerns. Please know that we are committed to providing the support and assistance you deserve as our customer.


    Feel free to reach out anytime you need further assistance.