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11 months ago

TPAR report failed to lodge

Our 2023 TPAR has failed to lodge.   I have opened the report in Notepad to try identify the error. I have removed all visible non ASCII characters (in particular forward slash  i.e Unit 1 / 789 S...
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    11 months ago

    Hi ACorp 


    I advise against editing a TPAR.C01 file using notepad. Every 'line' has to be a specific length and each field in a specific place, one character off and the report will fail lodgement or have lots of errors.


    To help locate the offending character, deduct 5 from the line number and this will give you the number of the Payee affected. View that payee in MYOB, plus one either side to see if you can find the issue.


    A forward space might not be the cause. More likely to be a 'new line' in a MYOB address field. MYOB allows you to have multiple lines for address fields, the ATO does not. Make any fixes in your MYOB file and generate a new TPAR file.