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11 months ago

Introducing Amanda Liu - Our new Community Lead

Hello everyone, 


Please join me in welcoming AmandaCL , our new Community Lead. Amanda will be with the community to understand your needs, and help you navigate, use and engage in this forum so that you can get the best experience out of it. 


The Community Forum has been a super helpful space for everyone where we all get to add value to each other, ask questions, seek answers and get the support you need. Amanda will be facilitating conversations, creating opportunities for the community members to share their thoughts, feedback and opinions. We'd want to get to a place where we are able to help you resolve queries quicker, find existing solutions and also feel valued when you contribute to the forum.

Amanda comes with a wealth of product experience too and she is full of energy and great ideas! She'll soon be rolling out some new initiatives with the community so that we can continue to improve the experience you get out of the community. We'll continue to make this space safe and as helpful as possible for all of you. 

Welcome, Amanda!