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MYOB Moderator
4 months ago

Upcoming Community Forum Changes

Hey everyone!


You might’ve noticed over the last few weeks that we’ve made some changes to the Community Forum. 

We’ve been in the process of cleaning it up (archiving old posts, renaming boards) and simplifying how you navigate around the forum with new tiles and information on the home page.


I also really wanted to take a minute to tell you that we have an exciting upgrade coming to our Community Forum this year in May.

Watch this space! We will communicate more to you all as we get closer to the changes taking place.


If you have any feedback or suggestions on what you’d like to see with this new upgrade, please reach out! 

This could include:

  • Board names / Navigation feedback
  • Roles and badges
  • Information on the home screen

Really looking forward to getting closer with you all as we move towards a new Community Forum.


Cheers, Amanda.

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    Experienced Cover User

    This is all great but i think everybody who posts on these boards would actually like to see the changes requested for the past 20 years being implemented.


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      Experienced Cover User

      I agree. Sometimes I search the forum with an ongoing issue and find it has been mentioned many times yet no fix has ever been implemented. Often quite simple yet frustrating things.

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        Experienced Cover User

        I just want a print button when viewing an invoice that takes me directly to the printer  - like we had on Essentials 

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      MYOB Moderator

      Hey HDG,

      Thank you for the feedback! 

      Are you referring to changes requested to the product itself or the Community Forum? Would love to discuss this further, let me know!


      Cheers, Amanda.