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6 years ago

Receive Payments: Show if on credit hold

 It would be ideal if the "ON CREDIT HOLD" message could display on the "Receive Payments" screen when entering payments received from customers that are on hold.

The customer is put "on hold" because they haven't paid, so when they have paid it is only logical that the credit hold would be removed, which could be done "on the fly" while entering the payment.

In some businesses, the Accounts Receivable person would put the customer on hold, and it needs to be released (on receipt of payment) so that the data entry person can enter the invoices/orders.


"Credit Limit to displaying when receiving customer payments"


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    Would it be possible to display that the customer is "On Hold" when receiving a payment from the Customer that is on hold, so that they can be taken off Customer Hold as they have paid their outstanding account.


    As you are aware, when the Customer is On Hold, invoices cannot be processed for the customer. If payment has received, then the customer should be able to order again. If the "On Hold" was displayed it would eliminate the need for Accounts to remember that the customer is on hold when processing payments.

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    Can I suggest that there be an indicator message of some sort which shows up when a payment is receipted against a customer so that you know if that customer is on credit hold without having to drill down into the customer's card? We often use the credit hold facility to manage our release of orders and when a customer pays, if we know they are on credit hold, we can immediately take them off without then having to go back to the card list and look through all the customers on hold to see if they have a zero balance before taking them off credit hold. Our sales reps are out on the road and this would allow the information to flow through to them more quickly.

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