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11 years ago

Report: Entitlement Balance [Detail] - Lifetime

I have an employee who is resigning after 4 years of service.  I need to do a leave audit.  In previous MYOB versions, you could select 'LIFETIME' in the detailed entitlement balance report, to get all leave taken during their service.  Why is this option no longer available.  


I spoke to support who advised that I would have to restore previous versions to get that information.  For a busy business, this is very time consuming and why take away a very important function that worked previously.


Could you please look into having this returned to use.


"Lifetime Entitlement Balance - Detailed"


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    Not so much an idea as darn obvious, but apparently currently AccountRight doesn't have the ability to run a Entitlement Balance [Detail] report over more than one financial year. You have to run a report for each FY and then sew them together in Excel. I don't know whose idea that was but I would like to suggest that you change it so you can run a report for...well, er, whatever dates you like!! C'mon MYOB, start thinking about what people will actually want to do with your software.

  • Status removed:
    Hi Paula, Lifetime hours on the entitlement report was replaced with the column Available hours. As long as you run the report until the current date, the available hours will also be your lifetime hours. If you are needing to see the accrual per pay for a previous payroll year, you will need to restore a backup before the payroll year was rolled over. Just to clarify, there has been no change except we renamed the field to say Available hours rather than Lifetime hours.
  • I am referring to hours taken, not accrued/available.  I understand the accrued side is there, but there is no longer the option to get a report on what leave has been taken over that period.


    As stated before, previously when you ran this report, it would show a history of all the leave that had been taken over "LIFETIME" of employment.  


    eg: if Joe bloggs commenced in Jan 2009 and ceased in Jan 2013, I could print of a history of all the leave that he had taken throughout that time.

  • Hi Paula_MPENG 


    I have had a look at our older versions and I can confirm the lifetime hours was only showing you a balance as of today's date.  You were only able to view the hours taken for this year and last year based on the current payroll year on your file.  In saying this I do agree with you that this would be a great feature for the new AccountRight products as paycheques are no longer purged when rolling over.  I have updated this idea to under consideration so we can have an understanding of what other users think about this. 

  • I am annoyed that the Lifetime entitlement report has been removed from this program. Can MYOB please reinstate it as soon as possible.  I want to reconcile the leave entitlements for a staff member who is leaving their employment and I cannot do this without reinstalling previous back ups.