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8 years ago

Backup: Decrease time to backup

Could you please make backing up from the cloud faster. Some of my clients files take over 15 minutes.





"Backup from the Cloud to be quicker please"


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    We urgently need to see a Timed Backup option that allows us to backup a cloud data file to local storage. With 2021.6 our backup times have more than doubled - this morning we waited 50+ minutes and eventually gave up.

    We use local backup as a once a week backup (MYOB default for cloud files) is not adequate.

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    I agree it is very slow to take a back up especially when we are against the clock trying to roll over files.

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    Hi manning, CloudMindAcc, a suggestion was made somewhere to check out the file, back up locally, then cancel the checkout. Might speed things up for you.

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    Thanks Mike_James just wanted 30 minutes for one file to back up.   I gave up and have started again.

    I am not sure the theory of taking it off line is faster as you have to wait just as long for the sync to work:smileyfrustrated:. Once I get through EOFY I will time both scenarios and test a few files and let you know.


    Back up just finished as I was typing only took about 10 minutes this time so it must have got stuck.. yay I can now finally roll over the payroll year 45 minutes later.  Time for a glass of wine to relax!

  • Yes taking off line still your have to sync which is also slow.

  • Agree - backups are extremely slow and frustrating average 15-20mins :(

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    Hi ASWatCR & manning


    Another MYOB consulant offered me the below advise this might be helpful for other users.


    1. First of all sync the file.   It does sync automatically to the machine that is running the file. And it does it every 20 minutes or so.  (Might not be so great for consultants if we only access file every month or so)
    2. Check the file out at the end of the day. Because it syncs changes only the checkout normally takes less than a minute.
    3. Immediately do a backup to a local backup folder as per normal.
    4. Undo the checkout (discard changes), which takes less than 10 seconds to put it back into the cloud, I.e. remove the checked out flag on the file. Since there are no changes – all you have done is back up – this is quickest way backing up a cloud file and keeping a restorable backup on a local machine.
    5. Should you need to restore the cloud file it will ask you for where the local backup is kept and then restore from there. All safe.
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    It currently takes us 45+ minutes to backup our online file. Support staff argee the point and refuse to accept it takes so long.

    Same datafile takes only 5-6 minutes.


    Support says, start the backup and leave for the day. Not an option for those of us that turn PC's off at the end of the day.

    Paying staff to stay back after the back has started isn't an option.