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10 years ago

Bank Feeds: Automatic feeds - no need to select Get Bank Tranasctions

It would be great if bank feed could be automated so that you do not have keep clicking on the get bank feeds button unless you wish to get an update straight away, the automation could be set at specific repletion i.e. every 30 minutes or every 45 minutes and so on.

At present you need to force the bank feed to happen to get an up date


"Automated bank feeds"


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    Thanks for your suggestion. Unfortunately Bank Feeds are reliant on information from your bank or financial institution, so the frequency would be daily at best. Also bank feeds does require authorisation. So being prompted to login before the bank feeds come through is necessary.

  • Apologies but your reply is not correct on several points. 


    With SAASU you enter your BANK FEEDS authorisation ONCE and thereafter it updates AUTOMATICALLY on an ongoing basis - NO further input required.  And it occurs a lot more often than 'daily'.


    If SAASU can do it, then MYOB could do it also.  If they wanted to.

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    The whole security thing for bank feeds is a bit crazy really because users can open the screen and view any already downloaded data without even having to click the button to download bank feeds!.


    Also the bank feeds login screen remembers login details (which it needs to) so therefore the user can also download the feeds without any hassle.


    In my humble opinion the login screen should come up when the user clicks the button to open the view NOT once the view is opened and they are clicking the button to download the feeds.


    I also agree that downloading of feeds should be automatic provided the user is "logged in" i.e. has the bank feed screen open.


    MYOB claim that by having the user login each time they are creating a security checkpoint but actually this is just a false sense of security that they have.



  • Hi Geoff_at_CHD


    Thank you for you feedback in regards to this idea.

    There are various methods of obtaining bank feeds data. Some accounting programs will use screen-scraping whereas, like MYOB, use the actual bank feed data provided by the bank.

  • Hi Kelly81


    Thank you for your feedback in regards to bank feeds and the viewing of bank feed data.


    If required you can restrict users from having access to the bank feeds window. This can be using the Setup>>User Access Window. You will have to manage a new role and exclude access to the Banking>>Bank Feeds feature for that role if you would not like to see them gain access to that feature. For more information into setting up roles please see Help Article: Set up roles