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10 years ago

Card: Supplier - Set default pay from account used to pay this supplier

I would love to be able to set the default payment bank account for a supplier on their card. Eg always paid from credit card account or from certain bank account etc. At the moment as far as I can find, you can just set one default account that applies to everything, unless you change it when recording each payment.


"Supplier payment info"


  • I agree. Especially when i pay for something with my credit card at time of purchase. If i could enter the purchase invoice and select paid by credit card at same time it saves a step of going into 'Pay Bills". Anything that saves time is worth it.

  • That is a fantastic idea. I have had to teach someone my role as a previous position and she said it is really hard because she did not know who was paid from which source.


    This then took her time in looking back through the old payments until she knew what to do.


    VERY time consuming.

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    Thanks for your great suggestion. I can certainly see how saving the account used to pay a supplier would speed up data entry and ease in hand-overs. Anyone who would like to be able to save the payment account a supplier is paid from on the supplier's card, please cast your vote here.

    You can vote by clicking the purple vote button on the left-hand side of the screen, just under the current number of votes. If you can’t click the vote button, you’ll need to sign in by clicking the purple sign in button in the top right-hand corner of your screen. If you post a comment, don’t forget to vote as well!

  • Would this be still under consideration? It would be very useful