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2 months ago

Record Supplier Payment

I need to see the Suppliers Invoice Number when paying my suppliers.
I do have repeat orders of the same value,

some Purchase Orders are supplied in 2 or more deliveries, So Purchase Orders are useless
I need to see Supplier Invoice so that I do NOT pay the same invoice twice

  • What versions of MYOB have this option ?

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    Hi PLCPower


    I get that you need to view the supplier invoice number when paying your suppliers to avoid paying the same invoice twice. I recommend closing the Pay Bills window, then going to the Preferences window, clicking the Purchases tab, and selecting the Show Supplier Invoice Number in Supplier Payments option. Also, MYOB does have a system to warn of duplicate supplier invoice numbers. You may enable this by going to Setup > Preferences > Purchases and ticking the box indicating "Warm for Duplicate.". These actions will show the supplier invoice number instead of the purchase order and will prevent you from paying duplicate invoices. More details can be found in this helpful article about paying bills. Feel free to start a new post if you need further help.



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      Hello Shella

      Your solution sounds great but, I'm using MYOB Business Pro
      The only preference refers to sending emails.
      Can you give me more details where I can find this
      Greatly appreciated

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        Hi PLCPower,


        Thanks for clarifying which application you're using. Currently, there's no option to display supplier invoice numbers while recording payments in MYOB Business. I'd suggest posting this on the Ideas Exchange board so the development team can consider it for a future update.


        If you need any other help, feel free to start a new thread.