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11 years ago

Jobs: Ability to allocate non chargeable activities

It would be very handy to be able to allocate a job to a non chargeable activities.  We do R&D and need to track staff costs by job coding, however it is not chargeable and you cant have a chargeable activity without selecting a customer.  Effectivley we have invoices to raise for a nil value.


"Activity / Job coding"


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    Well you CAN setup a Job Code for anything you like - just call the job R&D or give it a number that is meaningful to you. That way as expenses are entered they can be allocated to any job, including R&D. When you print Job P&L's, the R&D job will have expenses but no income. You do not need an R&D fake customer. If the costs of each staff member are to be allocated across several jobs, that gets very messy to do within payroll. However if you know the split you can allocate the staff costs across as many jobs as you like by preparing a General Journal - Dr wages costs J/N ?? Cr wages costs-no job number, provided the original payroll entries had no job number.

  • Status changed:
    Thank you for the feedback P3, Jobs currently only record to show information for your Income and Expense accounts, so if the activity is non chargeable. So that we can consider this and get a feel for if our users want this it would be great to see others vote and comment to show that they want this added in too.
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    I am using MYOB essential and want to enter jobcode for the different branches of business but i couldnt find that facility at MYOB essential.I can see that job code facility at MYOB accoutning right plus.I may be wrong and any help regaring this much appriciated.

    Thank you