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Jobs: Print job details/packing slip from Job Information window

It would really be beneficial for the way our Jobs are processed to have the option to Print the packing slip direct from the job card (Job Information Window) with the job name, job dedscription, start and completion date as well as Contact and via the Linked Customer's address..


"Packing Slip from Job Card/Job Information Window"




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    Thanks for your suggestion nlcMarkC.  Packing slips relate to sales in AccountRight, rather than directly to a job. One job, would typically have many invoices (and therefore many packing slips) related to it. What exactly would you like to be able to print? Are you hoping for a list of invoices related to the job, that can be reached from the job window, where you can reprint each invoice and packing slip?

  • The way we use Myob each job relates to one item and I was looking at using the packing slip like a delivery docket. All we would need would be a function to print a single form from the job Information page that could print out as singular or even lead to a multiple if the single job is "sub job" or under is apart of another/linked via sub job.


    even if there was an ability to print the job info page out from that window. (Like a print button) that way I could customise the form to include the following


    Linked Customer name

         ".         ".          Address

    Job #

    Job name

    Job description

    start date

    finish date


    i could then add a graphic like signature line and use it as a delivery docket.


    its hard to explain if that doesn't help without going further into how we specifically use MYOB in relation to a service/maintenance industry.


    i can envision how I would go about it fromky experience with user interfaces and databases through access back in the day making tailored software packages for pretend businessess lol ain't nobody got time for that these days :)


    perhaps what hat might be simpler to do was be a print/send to button in the job information page and I could do the rest through customising a form the linked it all.


    oh snap I just thought of something. Instead of linking all jobs through a sub job thing would it be possible to link jobs through an order number perhaps. That way you can click on invoice and it would auto propagate the job description and possibly have a price line and also a required date in between the start and finish date fields .


    might be toouch brainstorming and individual customisation for one day. Would be perfect to have a developer suite for myob and have an edit function to help aide personalisation for the users that know what's happening. Could even package it with the warnings for advanced users who have prerequisite knowledge and make the warning that only limited support on specific data issues will be handled.


    lol sorry my mind is racing just thinking of all the possibilities while I try and get to sleep. I can provide more specific info without all the tangents I've broken off to here if you can't dissect my response through all the waffle.

  • Do you want me to delete this one and create a couple posts. I think I need to "re-title" and also divide up what I'm thinking while condensing and keeping it factual, breif and to the point so that it's easier to disseminate to the community for up votes as well as disect into more defined and manageable project tasks and goals to get kicked regarding the UI and the functionality. I have some idea's that will go far I beleive for the Job Information page that I think would be benefical to alot of people while creating a better seemless work flow from entering a job to ultimately invoicing as well as aiding all the physical functions of employee's work were I know we are sumplementing with purchased stationery and stuff when it can nearly mostly be printed all from MYOB.

    A packing slip is different to a delivery docket and if there were a few tweaks to what information can be entered into the job information page it wouldn't be hard to have the invoice self propagate directly from the job information page and or include all completed items of a "sub job of" linked card or not depending on if it's already been invoiced. Kinda like part order shipping when the items aren't all in at once or something like that. I'm pretty sure though that it might involve alot more back end work and testing before these changes can be rolled into an update if at all what I'm thinking can be implemented.


    Perhaps dusting off my old database and access hat over the christmas break might proove useful to create a UI myself that works side by side. Use MYOB for the accounting, invoicing and payroll stuff and then access for the job flow. Because the way we use MYOB we don't have a need for inventory or anything like that as it's all labour based services with only job specific materials purchased and a small collection of assorted staple consumables. None of which require the warehousing and stocktaking functions that MYOB has.

    I should probably stop thinking and get back to work lol

  • Hi nlcMarkC 

    Firstly its great to see someone with such great enthusiasm for their idea and the ways to implement their idea.

    To the actual Idea/s, lets not delete the idea information you have provided as it all adds information to idea on possibly ways in which it can be implemented. If you could clearly write up what you are after and a possible screenshot of the report/form we are more than happy to change the idea information to that on your behalf so others can read your idea and vote/comment for the idea if they would like to see it on the program .

    Judging by what I have read you also might like to take a look at Developer Centre. This is a great place to get some information about the AccountRight API (which is the tool to extract data out of the AccountRight database). As what I think you are trying to accomplish may be possible by the AccountRight API so you can obtain that data and use Excel or another program to  possibly design what you are after.

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    Thank you for the idea. Unfortunately, this request has had little support for the community since it was submitted so we are moving this idea to the Archived Status. For more information on Idea Statuses, please read this article Changes to our Idea Exchange pages