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12 years ago

Pay Superannuation: Automatically email superannuation advice reports

At present emailing superannuation advice to employees is awkward.  It would be nice to be able to automatically email superannuation advice to employees in the same easy way that payroll advices can be emailed.


Legally we are obliged to provide employees with superannuation advice .  Making emailing of such advice statements make the process a lot easier .


"Improved emailing of superannuation advice reports"


  • I would like to ba able to email superannuation advice slips to employees in bulk, just as payroll slips are. At the moment each employee has to be entered individually and email sent one at a time.

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    It would be beneficial to have MYOB send an e-mail confirmation once the Pay Super payment has been processed, if not for peace of mind over anything else. This would be a good feature as now you press authorise and do not get any feedback that this amount will be debited from your account and disbursed to Super funds. 

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    I would just like to back up this Member-BOTP’s (November 2020) recommendation and agree it is a VERY clumsy reporting system.   


    We are required to advise when Super has been paid to employees in Australia.   I am terrified I am going to send the wrong advice to the wrong Employee, and how awful this would be if we had more employees than the 16 we have now.  


    So I thought, surely there must be a better way to do this and have come to the community to search for wisdom on a better method.   I am disappointed to find there is not.


    I agree also, that if the report to bulk email payslips can be generated surely the same program can be written in to cover this report in the same way??


    I really hope a solution is found soon as my nerves cannot stand this much longer!