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11 years ago

Payroll: Pay Employee - Edit recorded payroll transactions (Editable payroll)

After payroll entries are recorded there is no way to edit any part of them. I understand this is to protect the integrity of the total etc but it also creates a ridiculous amount of work when somebody enters something slightly incorrectly. A few examples:

* Payroll entries added on the wrong date have to be deleted and reentered even though this does not affect the total or the allocations of leave etc. When you have to do this for 100+ entries to move them one day forward this results in more work than running the payroll in the first place

* When a job has been missed or misallocated, we need to delete and reenter the payroll entry. Most other transaction types can add jobs retrospectively, why not payroll?

* If a payroll period is entered incorrectly the payroll entry needs to be deleted and reentered, again, this has no effect on the total, so why not make it editable?


Please PLEASE consider making this change, it would save me hours fixing other people's silly mistakes!




"Editable payroll"