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9 years ago

Print/Email Invoices: Print in defined sequence

We are are distribution business that prints invoices in batches at the end of the day. The invoices print in an MYOB sequence that defies logic. Printed invoices are then sorted manually which is very time consuming.


It would be a significant improvement to our efficiency if the invoices can be printed in a sequence that we define (in our case, using a custom field from the card file).


Any suggestions to overcome the current short coming would be greatly appreciated.


"Printing Invoices by User Specified Field or Sequence"


  • Status changed:

    Hi Everyone 

    With the release of AccountRight 2016.1 the printing of invoices (and statements) are now completed by the way in which they are sorted in the Print/Email window.


    For more information into obtaining AccountRight 2016.1 please see AccountRight 2016.1 now available

  • Hi Steven


    This latest change is an advancement.


    Now to finish the job, we would need to add/select more fields when printing invoices in batch. Currently we are limited to sorting by 4 fields (inv number, date, customer name, invoice value). Ideally we would need at least 1 more field e.g. purchase order number or comments  from the invoice or perhaps custom fields from the card database.


    Thanks for consideration.

  • Hi Achieve1

    I would recommend lodging a separate idea relating to adding additional fields to the Print/Email Invoice window (so you can sort and print according to those columns. This way the development team and other members of the Community can see to discuss and vote for that idea's possible inclusion in future updates.