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10 years ago

Report: Supplier Payment History - Totals per supplier

Hi, would it be possible to have the "Supplier Payment History" report to shows the totals on the date they were paid ? If I send this report to a supplier to help reconcile their accounts with ours they have to manually add up the individual invoices.



"'Supplier Payment History report to have totals"


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    Thank you for your great suggestion jhp. Anyone else who would like to see totals on the supplier payment history report, please cast your vote here.

  • Since 2014 - This issue has been around and around, with little URGENCY from MYOB. It seems to me that MYOB - are telling you just that. Mind your own business and we will mind our own business. The errors that this has caused - with or without - any knoweldge cannot be recorded. It is a feature that should have been implemented - simialrly to the updates that occur to PayRoll from ATO etc. The feature requested is around PayRoll and rules and regulations that are mandatory to be correct/accurate and transactional down to the date/time. To have such a feature remain in error is not only - irresponsible by MYOB but also against the audit requirements that can be imposed on you by such agencies as the ATO etc. MYOB - it has been 4 years since this issue was raised and you have served no service or urgency to your customer base on such an important and costly item that has been missed. It should not be seen as a "Idea Exchange" but a "Mandatory Change" - as this costs businesses money and in some cases jobs, for a simple mistake that can be irrecoverable.. Get serious MYOB and place some URGENCY on features that are making your product COST your customers more money and TIME - complete opposite of what your software is supposed to be. My last post!!


  • I would also like to see a "Grand Total" on the bottom of this report (and many other Accounts Payable reports).