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4 years ago

Reports: Ability to enter day and populate rest based on current settings

When entering dates in Purchases Sales GJ etc etc you can do quick entries of just the Day number i.e.   27   or 28   or 29  and Tab Through and the date automatically accepts the current month and year that was on the screen.


In Reports it defaults to say 01/07/2020     end     28/07/2020  


If you go to the first field and type  26   "TAB"   it clears the first date field and shows you "26"   and when you tab it reverts to   "01/07/2020"     you then display and wonder why it is showing you payroll figures for the whole month.


Please FIX this in the Reports section so it works the same as the rest of Accountright.


"Date Fields in Reports Do not allow quick entry to change (Unlike the rest of Accountright)"

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    Same as the UPDATE buttons on different screens... sometimes its a green circular arrow at the top of the page and sometimes its a grey radio button next to the date fields - just make it the same.