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8 years ago

Sales: Automatically email overdue invoices to customer



Xero has a function that I would like to see in MYOB.  It is an automated feature that will send customers a reminder of their outstanding invoices along with a copy of the invoice.  It would need to have some options for each user of MYOB, such as turning it on or off, which account would receive the email or not and the number of days between sending the invoice and the auto sending of the reminder invoice.


As a small business I am looking for everything that will save me time.






"Automated emails to customers for overdue invoices"


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    Please MYOB add this feature! Cashflow is so important in small businesses and having an automatic friendly reminder sent out would be such a time saver and would definitely improve cashflow. 

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    This feature works well in XERO for another organisation whose accounts I work with (on XERO). It has increased the timeliness of payments and reduced the overdue amounts substantially.


    I don't understand why MYOB is so slow in otroducing this feature. Perhaps another reason to move to XERO for us?

  • It will be great if you could add an automatic reminder notice feature would allow MYOB to send automated notices once the invoice gets overdue. I do it manually at the moment but it would save so much time and effort if automated. I know that Xero has a similar feature. Can MYOB users hope it is coming too? Thanks.