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11 years ago

Sales: Show status of invoice (manufacture process)

Just been speaking with your tech team trying to resolve some matters that i have come across while testing Account Right Plus 2013 to see if this upgrade is suitable. Currently we import invoices into MYOB as the Quoting software we use is much more indepth. Being a manufacture we need to know where a job is and there is not this option in MYOB. Currently we are able to in our other software to see where a job is eg. Pre Production, Production, Outwork, Dispatch, Complete. Also as well as a due date we run a due time eg 10am 18/06/13. Is this something that could be added?


"Status Fields"

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    We too could do with this, manufacturing job tracking, we currently use a spreadsheet. 

    I did start using the Category in Myob Accountright, and fix a report to find tracking of these which worked until the invoice/order was paid before the job was completed. Having alot of Prepaid customers this didnt work. The Category would be blocked out when paid. But this was a good start. 

    This was easy though, set my own status, Production, Machine or Employee, waiting for art, waiting for stock, etc. 


    But if MYOB could address this would be very helpful in planing production, and tracking all orders throughout the company.