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12 years ago

Sales/Purchases: Duplicate invoice number warning sound

This is an extract of one of the bullet points from HawkinsSP:



"The alarm for duplicate invoices has no noise, is too small and appears after you have moved on from that data entry field"


I'm taking this as meaning that if there is a duplicate invoice number used you get an alert? Is that right? We should use the normal system alert sound. and you would like it to fire while you are entering the invoice number? it should fire when you start tabbing out, or use the mouse to move out of that field?


 "Alarm for duplicate invoices needs to make a sound and fire immediately"




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    Agree with all your posits Mark, but some people work with the volume turned off (not forgetting that some people are hard of hearing or deaf), so in addition to the sound, a large visual warning should appear, AND it should not be possible to continue without over-riding the warning, or going back to change the entry.

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    Hi Mark,


    IMHO (in my honest opinion) it is much needed functionality that not only applies to duplicate invoice numbers but a range of other fields including those expressed in Mike James' New Idea Enforce duplicate Reference warnings.


    Whenever an attempt is made by the user to move focus from such fields a validation routine should fire and if the value entered by the user has been duplicated then an appropriate duplicate error message dialog box should be displayed and the focus remain on that field in which the error occurred until the user has entered a value that can be validated as being a new and unique value.


    It is not a matter of making sounds or doing anything other than what I've said in the above paragraph; the appropriate duplicate error message dialog box should be enough to indicate there is a problem with the value that has just been entered.


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    This is general information only and you should consider if this is appropriate for you.

  • Status added:
    alright - so combining this with Mikes 'Duplicate Reference' idea and we have a winner. folks - vote hard!
  • To Mike and Tony, ditto and ditto.  Audible is prety much useless when you speed through things. Record....oh what was that little beep I heard 30 seconds ago about.!! :smileysurprised:


    Need the override option without doubt.

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    This obviously explains now how I've missed seeing the alert for a duplicate invoice number I entered just before and what I came on here looking for more info about.  I keep my sound on mute as it bugs me no end having it on.  There was always a visual warning.  Obviously that's not available on AR2012 (just one more reason to hate this new platform) as yet.  


    I vote for whatever fixes it!  Here's another idea......


    .....create a rollback program for those of us that are bitterly disappointed in AR2012 so we can go back to the old platform and get on with our work without all these hassles.  I vote for that!!!



  • Status changed:
    in 2013.x we now have much more prominent warnings. we haven't done audible and don't intend to based on our discussions and research. I hope this has been a good enhancement
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    An audible warning would be SO MUCH BETTER. I am duplicating (and paying!!) invoices regularly and have been using MYOB for over 20 years and never had this problem as I do now. I prefer the audible tone as I don't tend to look up from the screen often while entering the hundreds of invoices I process. Not happy with this "enhancement" 

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    Just want to find out if anyone in this thread found out the Alert will come if duplicate Invoice is entered on the same company only or does it come out based on the same ABN? like two company files are opened, (unintentionally), one the Company Name and the other the Trading Name but the same ABN?

    would appreciate if anyone has come across this problem.

    thank you.