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11 years ago

Timesheets: Ability to add categories that don't affect total hours (i.e. Allowances)

We have put our AccountRight File to the cloud and given our employees access to "TimeBilling".   They log in remotely and submit their timesheets so we can process payroll and invoice clients faster and more effectively.


Currently the Time Billing Function only supports "Hourly" Payroll Categories.   Our employees get reimbursed for travel via a payroll category we have set up calculating 0.63 cents per km.   As you can only set the category up as "hourly" when they record the km's on the timesheet i.e. 100 (for 100 km's) this is included in the total hours column.  The timesheet total states140 hour per week (as oppose to the correct figure of say 40 hours).   When I process the timesheet through the payroll the km's do calculate correctly however it is confusing for the employee entering the timesheet and the person processing and checking the timesheets and only leads to errors with hours not being clear on the timesheet in the first instance. 


My recommendation is that there should be a payroll category wages type called "Allowance".  When you set up the a payroll category you then have the option to tick, hourly, salary or allowance.   

In the "Enter Timesheet" screen a there should be a separate column called Allowances.  This will ensure the hours always total.   


I know the quick solution is to get them to complete a form separately... however I want to run this totally cloud based, no paper and faster for both the employee and business. 


I am sure there this would be helpful for other businesses using allowances for all sorts of different awards particularly in the trade industry i.e. tool allowances, overnight allowances, meal allowances.


Interested in your feedback or any suggestions....

"Ability to show allowances on the timesheets - Timesheets in the "cloud""


  • Status changed:
    Thank you for your suggestion, making AccountRight clearer for features like this is certainly something we can look into doing with future updates. For this particular idea, it would be great to see some comments or votes to see how much demand for this change is out there.
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    Hi Matthew,


    I have attached a screen image of what I am referring to for clear reference

    Suggestion for Timesheet Improvements.jpg

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    Good morning


    Just for feedback for MYOB- this is a function that I also need when processing timesheets with travel allowance. Would greatly appreciate it if in the next update this could addressed? :-)





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    CloudMindAcc, I am interested to know how you are doing this. Do each of the employees install AR on their personal computers so they can access the timesheets/timebilling or do you use a third party product? (Assuming you're still using this process since this post was almost 2.5 years ago).

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    Hi HeatherDBS


    Yes we are still using the MYOB timesheets very nicely in our business with MYOB alone (no third party app)  


     I have set up our staff with access to timesheets and customers only by the " user role"  types in the user set up - basically blocked them out of everything else.   We have about 10 staff members using the timesheets.


    Each staff member is set up with a my.myob standard user account and have MYOB installed on their machines.   


    We also oncharge the clients via time billing at the same time with setting up Activity Types.


    It has saved us hours and hours of manual work and payroll and client invoicing is done within a couple of hours per fortnight.


    I would just do some set up and test first make sure it all works as it should and then release to the staff.  They do require a bit of training on it initially but they get the hang of it pretty fast.   


    If you need any further advice or help let me know.





  • I agree. I am trialing MYOB team atm and having a hard time to work out how to add travel allowance and night shift for my employee. So we might go back to our old timesheet process.