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10 years ago

Timesheets: Apply timesheets (button to save current entry)



Currently to save changes in Enter Timesheet we have to:

a) leave the current week and switch to another week, or

b) click OK and close the Enter Timesheet window


It would be much quicker to have an Apply button next to OK so that we don't have to leave the current week every time we want to save our changes.




"Apply button for Enter Timesheet in Time Billing"




  • Can we incorporate a quick save button much like the refresh button. I don't know how many times I've lost work typing up a long invoice and the system crashing. A simple solution which would save alot of rework.


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      I often enter some really large Bills & Sales which can be quite time consuming.  I get nervous about losing my work.


      This means that if I need to leave my desk or answer the phone, I have to Record the transaction & then open it again.  Or, if I just want to save the work in the transaction thus far so that I know I can't lose it, I have to Record it & then open it again.  I would like the facility to Record a Bill or Sale but have it remain open.


      This would necessitate just one extra button.  Record and Exit.  The Record button would then be used to just Record and remain in the transaction.



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        I agree, or some kind of automatic backup should you lose internet connection or something. I did an invoice the other day, lost internet temporarily and had to do it all again. I don't want to take the file offline because then others can't use it.

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      it's happened to me a few times, where i will accidentally press esc and i will lose my weeks worth of timesheet. can there be a save button or just an auto save for this window?

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        It is suprising the "Save" button option is not available already.  No brainer really.

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      Hi - we have been using the Sales Invoice function for over 12 months now with AccountRight Live. 

      There is one portion of the program which is a constant headache when we need to enter multiple-page invoices. Occasionally, the Sales function will freeze up and kick us out (connectivity issues, we know) but this is incredibly frustrating when it occurs during a very large invoice. Quite often, such invoices may be entered multiple times, losing considerable time for employees. We are talking about an invoice with 50++ lines!!

      Yes, we have tried the suggestion of using a recurring invoice, again, good in theory but not functional at all levels, especially when entries are extremely long and detailed and not always replicated.

      Is it possible to add an "auto-save" function into the Sales Invoicing, so that a "draft" is saved every 5-10mins or so?? (Similar function, in part, to a draft email being saved??) This would certainly add significant functionality value to the existing program and hugely reduce frustration if the program shuts down.

      Simply being able to re-activate a 1/2-finished invoice would be fabulous, reducing additional staff hours being wasted on re-entries.

      Please let us know if this is something you would consider utilising in the next update? We would most certainly appreciate it!


  • I agree a quick save option for the payroll would certainly save time than changing weeks to save the payroll for the person.  Please give it some serious consideration.  Thanks

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    Yes please as it is so annoying how it currently has to save.   A save button would be ideal.     I have lost my entire timesheet a few times before if MYOB crashes over the internet.