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10 years ago

Timesheets: Edit data to processed timesheets (Job, Activity, Customer)

We would like to be able to edit the job number for processed timesheets.  There is no need for us to change the times entered but it would be very useful to be able to change just the job allocation.  Sometimes we may need to change a job code, due to job splitting, error etc.  Since we can't do this, the reporting we rely on to do our monthly invoicing is sometimes incorrect and has to be manually calculated.  This can prove to be a very time consuming process.


Thank you.

'Edit Timesheet Job Number"


  • Hi SunstatePaint 


    My understanding of the way timesheets work is that they are used to calculate the amount of the wages to be paid to the employee and after the pay has been recorded they are no longer editable as they do not form part of the transaction.


    In this case, even if you were able to edit the time sheet it would have no effect on the transactions without deleting the pay, edit the time sheet and re-recording the pay.


    If you need to make adjustments from time to time to job code allocations, perhaps you could use General Journal entries as follows:


    Dr  Wages     RightCode    100.00

    Dr Wages      WrongCode  -100.00


    Don't forget to document your adjustments for future reference.


    Hope this helps,



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    Thanks for the suggestion SunstatePaint. Anyone who would like to be able to edit job on processed timesheets, and have the job changes carry over to payroll transactions created from the timesheet, please cast your vote here.

  • Yes.  I would love to be able to change the job allocation on my paid timesheets when it has no impact on the hours paid.  It seems logical to be able to do so.

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    When you use time sheets from payroll to create time billing invoices there is a bug where if you do not enter the actvity and the customer BEFORE you pay the employee you will never be able to. You get a cannot delete error if you try. This seems illogical the fact the employee has been paid should not affect your abiliity to charge the customer.