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6 years ago

Timesheets: Enter a fortnightly timesheet

AccountRight 2018.3: Could we have an option in the Timesheets module set-up, for fortnightly and monthly timesheets too ? Currently, only weekly pays are supported - even though many employers pay fortnightly.


Would save having to use Excel timesheets for my clients' fortnightly pays.


Kym Yeoward, CPA & Myob Adviser



"Timesheets - add options for fortnightly and monthly"


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    U R G E N T:  AccountRight and Essentials N E E D a fortnightly Timesheets option, as many employers now pay fortnightly - particularly since the introduction of the Australian government's Job-Keeper wage subsidy scheme, in April 2020 - during the Covid-19 Crisis. New Zealand has a similar scheme.


    Particularly with the recent launch of the MYOB Teams smartphone app - for staff time-tracking.


    Come on MYOB, hurry-up this development - it should be fairly stgraight-forward and wouldn't need much programming.

    Remember, you have a fast competitor - Xero.


    Kym Yeoward CPA ACIS

    MYOB Certified Consultant

    Darwin (Palmerston) NT

  • AccountRight needs adding an option for monthly timsheets. We are paying employees monthly. Please can you hury-up the development. 

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    My comments above still apply. As an interim workaround, MYOB staff have told me that AccountRight will accept a fortnightly or monthly payrun. You just have to be careful, when you set the starting and finichaing dates. So yout would go to the Timesheets modle and enter 2 weks of times, then do your fortnightly payroll. It's still a bit messay - better to have an option for a period selection - week / fortnight / month - in th Timesheet, Payroll and Teams modules.

    (Mr Kym in Darwin (Palmerston)). 

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    Yes please do this - especially since the Teams app is out now - it has been 2 years since this post.

  • We use AccountRight Plus AU 2021.1.1, Build 2021.1.24.3611 and use Myob Teams to have our employees enter their timesheets each day via the Myob App on their mobile phones. We pay our employees on a fortnightly basis.


    When reviewing the timesheets for each pay period, it would be a benefit to be able to see timesheets for the entire fortnightly pay period instead of only one week at a time. The timesheets for each employee could then be approved for both weeks with one approval instead of two. This would prevent flicking between one week and the other. For monthly payruns, this would be even more beneficial.


    Finally, could the leave applied for by each employee be included in the timesheets ( under sseparate categories) before approval. The benefits are that the approver would not need to switch between a variety of screens for each employee as part of the approval process.


    Once completed, all employees time can be processed via payroll. this would be a far more streamlined method of processing payroll.





  • Why has this not been done yet? it must take 4 to 5 times the time for anyone paying on a monthly basis. why do they have to go through 4 or 5 different weeks timesheets separately and not all at once. IF THERE IS A WORK AROUND FOR THIS WOULD SOMEONE FROM MYOB PLEASE LET US KNOW WHAT IT IS. otherwise, do something about it please.

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    Has any progress been made since 2018 to get monthly timesheets??