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9 years ago

Timesheets: Flag to indicate no entitlement hours

It would be very helpful to see the icon that flags leave availablity as not enough on the timesheet when entering hours - as it is double handling to check each person annual leave at the process payroll stage, or checking card files before doing the timesheet entries.

"Seeing the icon for no leave left on timesheets entry"


  • A button showing staff entitlments when entering timesheets so their leave does not go over their emtitlments - I know there is  a flag in the actual paysheet entry page but when you are importing or entering timesheets you then need to remember to go into the staff member to check their entitlements.


    The option to attach a file to an invoice when being emailed is great it woul dbe nice if that could be saved witht he invoice  as we can in purchases