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10 years ago

Timesheets: Lock timesheets up to x date

Hi Team


I would like to know that can we lock the timesheet once we run the payroll.


Like we have an option in security that transactions cant be change before dated : XX/XX/XXXX


As the problem we are facing atm that we have our sites in 4 different states for ex QLD,Perth, NSW & VIC


Our payroll runs on fortnight basis. So what we want to do is to make the supervisor responsible to update the timesheet every week and then on Monday morning we lock that period so that they cant make changes once the payroll has run and claimed that we have paid wrongly. As it has happened in the past.


All we need is to tick  an option which says timesheet cant be change before date XX/XX/XXXX.


Please include that option in the next upgrade and help us generating a more efficient and accurate system.


Kind Regards




"Locking The Time Sheet"


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    Thanks for your suggestion Minhaj. I can see how being unable to lock timesheets could cause problems. Anyone who would like to be able to lock timesheets. Please cast your vote here.

  • Hi MYOB


    I would like to add my vote for the locked time sheets.  Not only do they need to be locked they also need to be able to have an approver of the timesheets. The other issue is that the other employees can see everyone elses timesheets.  The only way that this would not happen is to have a seperate sign in just for their timesheets and this is all that they can see.


    Once they have been approved they can then be sent to a processing tab and then processed.


    A lot of my clients and other bookkeepers clients still do manual timesheets because of the way the timesheets are set up in MYOB.  The employee can see other employees time sheets which should not be allowed.