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12 years ago

User Access: Find Transaction - Hide employee's net pay

When a user is setup with Sales access, if they go to "find transactions" they then have access to employees net pay details which is totally unacceptable. They can't drill down to see detail of the pay however anyone with half a brain can figure out gross pay if they have tax table on hand.


"More security for user profiles"


  • Surely this can not be true???

    MYOB can you please confirm if this is true.  If so, when will this be rectified?

  • Status changed:

    Hi Everyone

    In AccountRight 2014.2 the ability to change the default roles was introduced. As part of this the Find Transactions Card option was updated to be relevant for the user role that you have selected. For example say a user was a Sales role they would have not have the ALL Cards option in Find Transactions only Customer and Personal.


    For more information into roles in AccountRight please see Help Article: Set up Roles