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12 years ago

User Access: Read-only user

Japan head office of group is asking for direct access to company files to print reports as needed and to drill down into detail - we need additional functionality in user area to provide for such scenarios


"User access limited to Read only please!"


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    We have two directors that require access to see how up to date the MYOB file is and look at Profit and Loss Reporting.   They do not have extensive MYOB experience so we would like them to have Read Only Access so as not to damage the file.  I have looked in your user options for Account Right Live and this is not available, can you please make this available ASAP.  Thank you NW

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      HI NW


      I may be off the mark for this but - correct read-only isn't available - why not just print reports regularly for these people - however, if that is satisfactory - you can use preferences - and accessibility to pretty well lock access down in MYOB to only reports and P&L .


      I have done this before with V19 so I  would imagine this functionality is available.


      The Doc

  • Status changed:
    Thank you for your suggestion, we would be happy to consider updating this feature for AccountRight Live access for a future update. Please remember to vote to show your support for this idea.
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    I am a Certified Consultant and have a bookkeeping side to my business and we have a few clients that would like access to their MYOB data file, run reports and the like, but they don't want to be able to enter any data at all.


    This would be a very helpful feature for this type of user.


    Can I vote twice on this???




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  • Another Bookkeeper here, and I have a number of clients who would like to access their own data. I hate to say it, but it is a feature that Xero offer, (one of the few features that I like about Xero!), and one of my clients is already considering moving over to Xero so that he can access his data at any time, without the fear of deleting or changing anything.


    PLEASE do it before I (and MYOB) lose a valued client to Xero!

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    This has now been implemented in v2014.2 


    Thanks for listening


    Perhpas we could update the status to implemented as soon as 2014.2 is totally rolled out?



  • Status changed:
    Many thanks for your votes and comments. We have improved user access functionality in AccountRight 2014.2 to include read-only access. We hope it makes business life easier for you.