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12 years ago

Bank rules: Setup a rule for transfer money transactions

Hi guys,


Could we pleeeeease have the ability to set up transfers between bank accounts as a rule.  If a business has a chq account, a tax/savings account and a credit card it would be awesome to be able to set up a rule that automatically allocates these rather than having to go into the 'transfer btw accounts' and match the transactions.


Thank you muchly,

Debra Anderson

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  • Hi Debra

    This is quite easy to achieve by using a unique reference when entering transfers in internet banking and a clearing account. I use the reference "regular transfer" for any interaccount transfers. Then I have a rule then picks up this phrase in bank feeds and allocates both transactions to the clearing account.


    Hope this helps


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    I've also wanted this for years and years. For us, it would be more frequently used than then Spend Money and Receive Money rule functions. 

    Thanks for your consideration.