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8 years ago

Contacts: Default information for major suppliers

I have a suggestion which I would like to put forward to the Development team.


Would it be possible for Partners to create a standard customer base (eg, Bunnings, Officeworks, Reece Plumbing, Coles Express etc etc) which includes both National suppliers and prominent local suppliers to an area, so that we could have this in our Partner Dashboard which has them all set up correctly with name, address, phone numbers, ABN’s etc, that when we create a new client file, we can select which of these suppliers is relevant to our clients, and transfer them into our clients Essentials file.  This would save a heap of data entry (do once, use lots) and would give MYOB a point of difference over Xero and Quickbooks. 


Or, MYOB could establish this database that partners could access to select which suppliers partners want in their standard supplier listing.  Rather than MYOB doing all of the work, partners, or even our clients, could submit new suppliers to the data base, for verification and to be made available for others to use.  Ideally, the suppliers could be pulled into either Account Right or Essentials.


"Creation of Shared Customer database"

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    Thank you for the idea. Unfortunately, this request has had little support from the community since it was submitted, so we are moving this idea to the Archived status. For more information on Idea Statuses, please read this article: Changes to our Idea Exchange pages